Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After the Fun & Games


More thoughts are flowing on Human/Computer interactions as things like neural prosthesis and gizmos like IBM's Watson actually do seem to be truly intelligent to our species.

When do we get to the point that a Human asks himself when it is okay to hit the OFF button on a machine… and the machine tells that person that it would be wrong, that it is aware of what is about to happen to it? We haven't even gotten to that point, many of us, in our treatment of our own. We needn't look to history. We have see it on this morning's news.

IBM's Watson's answering questions placed in puns on a TV quiz show is pretty cool, but we are a long way from perfecting our own morality, let alone "programming" such rules into computers. Yet, we are not far away from creating devices that detect and respond to and mimic Human emotions. Watson is perhaps the great grandfather of such mechanical critters.

Things are going to get very weird, perhaps even wonderful, if we Humans clear a few hurdles that are not really technical.


From Mars. With Love…


We see all sorts of patterns in nature, terrestrial and beyond. Our Human minds are pattern recognition engines built to see shadows moving in the woods, and to know whether they are just leaves falling, not the spots on a hungry Tiger. We see angels and bunny rabbits in the clouds, and gods dancing in the stars, faces and pyramids on Mars, humanoid skulls in the meteorite battered rocks within a shadowed crater on the Moon. We see our dreams and fears everywhere we look.

Now, here's a good one, appropriate for this day descended from a licentious Bacchanal long ago by the folks that brought us in the north west hemisphere of Terra the names and forms of those gods and critters we see above. Those cat's would no doubt get a kick out of actually seeing the heart of their God of War.


From Mars with Love on Valentines Day