Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some Recent Drivel fr: FB re GD

Yeah… I rode this particular monster thru The Grateful Show in '83. I lent it my all, as any fine citizen must when Liberty calls and certain business must be attended to. Yes, I know that young lady with the flowers exploding from her curls. Guilty.

So, you already locked me up and that was a cure for nothin'; not even your own misery.

Let's try this instead. Dance with this girl on the Shores of Heaven. Taste her.
Set 1 Bertha-> Jack Straw, Bird Song, Mexicali Blues-> Big River, Althea, Hell In A Bucket-> Deal Set 2 Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain, Playin' In...

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    • Steven Solomon Ah, then that "Playin'; in the Band". Remember the moment went that lick, ""You can't close the doors when the walls caved in!" came into your mind. So pure and simple. I do remember the exact second. Bang! No turning back. Fire the Hyper-Thrusters! As soon as I forget about that moment, I start to screw up. There is fire on this mountain that some of us explore
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      Actually, listening to this recording, it is remarkable that I, any of my friends or the band lived thru this performance. Well, many of them didn't, but that is another story. Anyhow, there's just astonishing stuff in this performance. I c...See More

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    • Steven Solomon Into Space! Sonic gorgeousness that rips a hole in The Heavens, drums that can beat against the Vastness of Empty Space and rip up Time itself with the help of a nine-fingered guitar player. The kid on rhythm plays like he's banging on the boiler of an old locomotive. The old man on bass seems to think he's playing a trumpet. We seem to be getting messages from an alien intelligence!
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      Then, the drumz thunder and moan. This is how we scared away the big cats. This is not a moment for the timid. There are vibrations that will rattle one's rib cage and make the big muscles in your legs feel like warm jello. Some must flee the auditorium to evacuate their bowels. But now that the Sky has been ripped open every notion that might be common is rendered asunder to make way for more Space, Futhur exploration, and perhaps something to ease a worried mind.

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    • Steven Solomon That would be "The Wheel". This here's the sound of my own happiness and hope. Thank you, Hunter. Thank you, dumb ol' Garcia. You guys built a tower of blissful simplicity with a few words and a few chords. Not a bad job with what'all you had to work with ;-)