Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple Notions…


Here's some fellahs workin' hard to learn a simple tune. Three chords and a few notions to puzzle on.

It's getting better all the time…

The thot plickens. and things proceeds ;-)

Things Break…

Well, folks… This morning my mom wanted to know why the iMac I bought her a dozen years ago did not let her surf the web anymore. She complained that she had hardly used it, except to get movie listings, look at photos of her grandkids, and do email; only for just a dozen years. An hour later, the roof of the Metrodome caved in under a pile of fluffy snow. Might some engineer or architect have expected it to snow quite a bit, just one of these days in Minneapolis?

Tomorrow, expect an earthquake in New York City. The Chrysler Building will land as dust floating on the gentle wind over New Rochelle. The day after, I am prepared to see some kid in Bulgaria hit a couple of buttons on his PC and launch ICBMs bunkered in Siberia toward Canada. Poof! Gone are our friendly cousins to the north.

Things made by humans break, they wear out, and sometimes go pretty well wrong. This is particularly true of computers and the Human actions that they mediate.


A High Development of 19th Century Sonograms made with Sand and Sound

‘Dust Serenade’ intends to remind us the materiality of sound. We invite visitors to rethink about the tension between their theoretical knowledge and the sensory experience.” Read more:

Good notion, I think. Let's hope.

Truth is on the march, and nothing will stop it. ~ Émile Zola.

Who are these Grateful Dead?


On days when it's rainy and miserable cold, my battery needs charging and my wires gotta get good and crossed, when I'm just too plain lazy to really even think, there's these fellahs who followed me around for three decades. Who are these Grateful Dead? Still not sure after all these years. I do know they were a pretty sorry looking bunch, just butt ugly, except for that kid they let run with 'em.

But the girls… they had a way of attracting smart lookin' ladies, and there was always one special crew in the show. China Cat, the proud walkin' lioness who had a daughter, Tiger Rose, who had a step sister, Sugar Magnolia. They showed up pretty well reliably, and, tho a gentleman does not discuss specifics, we did get quite close over time. We knew each other well. And, I lived to keep my secrets, as the only real ones are the ones that cannot be told.

Sugar Magnolia's adventure in The Land Down Under.