Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Religious Counselor, Razputine…

Dear Friends,

A guest has come to stay vid us to with to look after the children and the Tsarina. Please now to welcome Monk Razputine. Bring him now with the tea, servants. He likes a little bit of the Wodka in the brew. Oh, oh, also now he is with the live herring and the candied toenail clippings in the brew. Vhat!?! He now vants with a plates of pickled sausage served by Marina, that pert little hussie, dressed only in saucy red neglige. 

Can we instead just have this man shot, shot again, stabbed, poisoned, stomped and dumped in to the freezing Moskva RiverVhat? I'm the freakin' Tsar! Get this nincompoop nannie out of the house. Do it now!!!

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