Monday, July 16, 2012

More Nonsense with Digital Photos…

Dear Friends,

I am slowly getting a grasp of this excellent, cheap piece of imaging software; Acorn from Flying Meat, a purveyor of excellent and cheap software… um, that is redundant and superfluous and hence required no repeating again over again. Whatever.

I am a big fan of "good-enuf" tech. In most situations a left-handed crowbar will solve whatever problem confronts you. When I have more time I'll tell you about getting my uncle Murray straightened out. We did not need any iPhone crapola and fancy pants waterproof bumpers. Just a crowbar that fit snug in my left dexter which is, to you lay people, sinister. Yeah, that's another story and another topic that entails some lexicography which you don't want… or so I am to presume.

Whatever. In playing around with various filters in this $50 piece of fine  digital junk in my juvenile way, using nothing but the crummy iSight camera on my new MacBook Air and that previously mentioned excellent and cheap software, I have created the following image to annoy my long suffering beloved, a fine art photographer of great repute who remarkably puts up with my infantile verbal and digital antics with or without photographs and pictures nor being redundant again once more again.

She took one look at this and sniffed and walked away all haughty-like, like she knows art when she sees it or makes it with her camera all filmy-like and okay, right, she has more talent in her pinky toe than I do in my whole skull. Whatever. I did manage to turn myself here into an alien feline without actually having to do the genetic transformation after getting probed by those aliens that keep landing in my back yard. I don't believe that they really have any lollipops on that ship and I am not going to follow those big eyed, big headed little silver bastards up that gang plank for an extraterrestrial enema.

Res Ipsa Loquitor,