Sunday, December 18, 2011

Remember Vaclav Havel

R.I.P. Vaclav Havel

Dear Friends,

This will take me a little stem winding to get to the point. That regards the loss of a real Man, a fellow who did put a dent in the little corner of the universe that we humans inhabit. He actually made our little pale blue dot a better place.

Anyhow, last night was the typical deal with local Occupy Noho folks in General Assembly politely waiting their turn to wiggle their fingers and then tell others in the room how nice they are. In other words, not much was accomplished other than ignoring practical business or taking a single action. But, on the upside, most agreed that we are very nice people.

Meanwhile, Vaclav Havel died as our group was meeting to decide to do nothing. I doubt that many in our group nor the American public know many of the details of the two peaceful revolutions that he pulled off in what is now the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They likely know nothing of his methods and the action on the street that he provoked with nothing more than will and words. The man took down an empire ruled by a man with atom bombs. He prepared himself to do so by first studying history and looking unflinchingly at present reality as it is. Then he reported on what he saw as best he could during fifteen years behind bars. Yeah. Havel was a Man.

He was a poet and philosopher, then a reluctant leader of his fellows as the first President of the nations that he freed from tyranny. The only bombs he ever lobbed in the revolutions that he fomented were made of syllables. The shrapnel that rained down on his tormentors heads was reason. His smile, wit and generosity of spirit were his only armor in his battle.

So, as folks settle back to their comfy seats in a warm house with a safe roof over their heads, when you dare talk politics with your neighbors next door or on the 'Net, think about what this guy, Havel, dared to do and pulled off, and study how he did it. Study a little recent history. Then think and feel. If you are so inclined, even get yourself arrested for the crime of thinking and speaking on your own streets in your own country.

Res Ipsa Loquitor,