Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Politics…


Heres' a little screed I got into over online conversation with a friend. We were talking about the most recent Foo involving our Supreme Court Justice, Silent Thomas, and his flagrant disregard for fairness in his judgement and actions. The Scalia mentioned, if you are not already aware, is the most staunchly "conservative" of our Supreme Court Justices. The closing remark is, of course, in reference to the tide of history currently tossing to and fro across North Africa, the Middle East and sloshing on shores across the globe.


Thomas and Scalia are identified as ideological buddies. But, Thomas often seems like Scalia's puppet, as he concurs almost to a note with Scalia's opinions, yet he offers none of his own and makes no comments from the bench.

I don't think Scalia is a nice man. I vehemently disagree with his interpretation of the American Constitution and his consequent decisions. Still, the guy has a titanic mind, he speaks out, and we know what we are dealing with in that cat.
Thomas, on the other hand, has small mind and never speaks up. You can see him on TV simply shaking hands with somebody at a function and know that his testicles are all bunched up, that he really would rather be evacuating his bowels, but hasn't been able to relieve himself in almost two decades… the last time that he had a movement, his entire spinal cord up to his brain stem came spilling out in a terrible mess. Since that sad day, he has only been held somewhat erect on the bench by an improvised infrastructure of tooth picks glued together with ear wax purchased from the perfumed hookers he seeks out on U Street in the dark hours before dawn. The broom stick up his rear, happily provided by his dour wife, accounts for his rather odd stride.

Now that was just good clean fun with words on the patriotic trampoline. It is good to have such a broad, bouncy place to play as that particular creep's hide. Thomas Paine would have had a fine time over coffee and brandy with Franklin, discussing how to dispatch such an idiot as Thomas. They may have simply invited him to the nearest bordello and left the ladies to rob him blind and then send him out to the muddy street naked. There he would plead to passers-by that he was an important man, before being taken by the constables to be shipped to North Carolina after a few night's in the stockade.

We will never, nobody anywhere in the world, will ever be free of petty tyrants and sick little bastards. But, we are seeing, right here, right now and today, that folks do not have to keep their mouths shut. We can talk to our neighbors. We don't have to be rude. We must consider the opinions that we differ with. Then we reasonably argue. Satire dealt with good humor seems to help in that endeavor. I'll bet on both parts of that deal.

The Water of Love…


I was just reading a story that included an observation by an old Hopi. The Hopi are Native Americans who have lived in the arid desert highs of Arizona for about six hundred years, having hightailed it up to the promontory to escape the crazy Spaniards looking for gold where there was none. The name Hopi means "The Peaceful Ones". They seem to have gained some wisdom in looking down on the activities of the Whites who took their land, the land where water was easier to find, and it was not so hard to farm and hunt.

Anyhow, this old man, he says, this is back in the late '60s; "You Whites. All your songs are about love. Most of our songs, Hopi songs, are about water. Water is hard to find for us here. Is Love hard for your people to find?"

Click the links below, if you're curious to know more about these Peaceful Ones, their observations, and their visions… or if you just want to take a break for a really fine old song by a bunch of white kids who came along at the right time in our History.