Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Pale Blue Dot…

Dear Friends,

See if you can detect the pale blue dot in a sunbeam. There is in this image our Earth seen from 6 billion miles away by a robot, Voyager 1, that was launched from Earth in 1977. Our home world is only one pixel in the image. Those of you with still keen eyes might discern a spot, a dust mote, a piece of cosmic lint stuck in the middle of the orange band of Sol's light beaming across the right of the frame. That is us and all we have ever known, both our cradle and perhaps our grave as a species.

This link will take you to a fine summary of the situation that is our present, past and future. It is recited in eloquent terms and precise cadence by a clever fellow by the name of Sagan.

Please do pass this on. Encourage your friends and neighbors to look to the stars and into each others' faces, to look down at the ground beneath their feet. You might suggest that we all put what we can see ALL together and arrange our affairs with a little more kindness as we circle 'round the sky.

Thank you, Dr. Sagan, Ad Astra

Res Ipsa Loquitor,