Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who are these Grateful Dead?


On days when it's rainy and miserable cold, my battery needs charging and my wires gotta get good and crossed, when I'm just too plain lazy to really even think, there's these fellahs who followed me around for three decades. Who are these Grateful Dead? Still not sure after all these years. I do know they were a pretty sorry looking bunch, just butt ugly, except for that kid they let run with 'em.

But the girls… they had a way of attracting smart lookin' ladies, and there was always one special crew in the show. China Cat, the proud walkin' lioness who had a daughter, Tiger Rose, who had a step sister, Sugar Magnolia. They showed up pretty well reliably, and, tho a gentleman does not discuss specifics, we did get quite close over time. We knew each other well. And, I lived to keep my secrets, as the only real ones are the ones that cannot be told.

Sugar Magnolia's adventure in The Land Down Under.



  1. I guess they can't revoke your soul for trying. xo

  2. Not yet. I sort'a get a thrill when they try. I'm perverse, as is my Tiger Rose.