Friday, December 24, 2010

Forty-five Years Ago…

Attention, Peoples!

Lo, many years ago, me and my buddies, the emerging nucleus of the Notorious Hooligan Band threw a test, inspired by the Pranksters' adventures less than a decade earlier. Much fun had all. Minds got blown and shown, a few made the Fat Trip into the Abyss and back, some got their eyeballs wrapped around their own heads. A couple went to Heaven, and others climbed the walls. I ran the light show… or, rather ran nothing at all. Brother Michael was at the helm of the sound board. Having simply turned every knob up to eleven, satisfied that all was right, he hit the dance floor. The band played on.

The Fire Marshall came to make sure that nothing was out of order with the fire swallower reputed to be on the bill. He discovered that nothing was in order, but he was offered and accepted a cup of "beer" by his comrade Ranger Roo (in a Day Glo plastic fire hat). The Marshall left well pleased, if confused as to what his original mission had been.

All in all, things worked out pretty okay. Many people heard the Dreadful Duck recite Plato's "Allegory of the Cave", and hence, assuredly got their money's worth. Yes. A real square deal. That, in itself was remarkable, as prior to the event, much talk had circulated in the community regarding the alledged rip-offery associated with the dis-organization's finances. Well, I can't account as to where Slinky came up with the money for consumables, but we were, nonetheless, inspired to dub the event "Dreadful Greed".


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