Friday, December 10, 2010

A Fresh Set of Bones…

To Begin!

To the Disassembled Many who have stumbled upon this little, uh, tree house, clearing in the woods, clearing in the words, this, um, whatever… I've wandered from the WeLL, the very first, true virtual village, thru Arpanet, FidoNet, BitNet, and thence to the metropolis of Facebook. I soon got wore out with that synthetic creature's innate virality, the porosity of the machine working the Humans more than the other way around.

So, I'm thinking that this might be a place to land my space ship. All my friends are invited. New ones are welcome. We might talk about tech, politics, spirituality, what we just had for dinner, and how your beloved was not as kind as you would have wished at any moment, or how just exactly perfect that person is. Serve up ideas. I'll pitch a few, as well, and I hope you all take a good swing and bat 'em out of the park. I love to see ideas fly.

Everything discussed here, is, of course, public. Anonymity is not something you get away with in a village. But, you do get to tell anybody with an ear to listen, just what is in your heart. In return, you might well get some good heart beating back in syncopation, and maybe some fine ideas to roll 'round, shiny on your own mind.

That's it. Let the Calliope Conversation roll,



  1. Good morning Steve. Not crowded yet eh?

  2. Still room in the tree house ;-)

  3. Is there an Open Sesame for this tree house? Morgiana has some tricks left up her sleeve.

  4. Yeah, Glecora. The Key to the tree house is in the Stars, and it is a secret that cannot be told. Got one of those, one or more, and you're already in, just as you are. What are you up to? There is this code of non-anonymity here. Games are fun, but I do have some real business to take care of. I suppose that we all do.