Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Look Back on Christmas…

Good Folks,

On this night, here is a nice echo from the past, 1968, when our species first got a real good look at the whole Earth from some ways away. Three volunteers who got their behinds blasted clear to the Moon, well, they got on the horn to wish The Home Planet and all its children a Merry Christmas, reading from the Good Book. Click on the movie in the link below, to hear those guys who found time to spare to be observant, while quite busy keeping those tender behinds safe a far piece from home.

Of course, they an had over-riding priority. Each of the fellahs had a lady waiting back home. When their prayers were done, and they'd lassoed Luna, they knew that if they were kept safe, got home, by skill and Providence, they'd be in the embrace of something more powerful than Newton's Laws.

Oh, and say happy birthday to old Isaac. He also got born today. A minor miracle, but there it is. Can't thank him for keeping our feet on the ground, but he did observe the facts of the matter ;-)


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