Monday, December 13, 2010

Memories in and above the clouds…


Now and again, I sort thru my old, saved emails stored on my local machine. That happens only every year or so. I'm not such a good housekeeper for my supplementary memory. But, every time I do, I experience a renewed wonder at the collection of notions that I, being Human and a collector by nature, value. There's all the business stuff, which is interesting in its way. There are scraps of half finished books and lyrics that I  figured I might someday get back to working on. Of course, there are the letters to past and current friends, infatuations, true loves, and the one of my seven or eight wives who happened to fall into my clutches shortly after the advent of the 'Net.

I also rediscovered the following links to a now defunct web site, fortunately still preserved in The Cloud via (a splendid service). They contain the lyrics that I wrote for a little song cycle. I began writing them on September 24th, 2000. Between midnight and four on that morning, I had had a quite solid, informative, mind and life changing experience. The entire cycle poured out of me in about two days, thereafter. Those of you that know something of secrets that simply cannot be told, already have the key to the puzzle within my words. You'll know to look to the heavens, at this time of year, to apprehend it. Otherwise, understanding a bit of the Greek Mystery Rites, might slake your curiosity, if any is aroused. Regardless, checking into that highest development of the Perennial Philosophy, as Aldous Huxley termed it, behooves any spiritually inclined individual.

You can blame The Altered Statesmen for the music in this mystical nonsense; mainly, Johnny Cannonball Stevens, and Tony Perino, abetted by some of the finest chronic unemployables on the planet. Of course, there was a woman involved, but I'll let the words and music speak for themselves, as she knows who she is and is presently content remaining above the clouds.

Hic Finis Est


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