Friday, December 31, 2010

The Mighty Grateful Dead…


Some more than three decades ago, some of these experiences started to flow over the transom of my world, later to be recalled.


Well, well, well…

Yummmmmm... it finally stopped snowing. The sun came out crystalline and the wind was warm as I started my walk. “Playing in the Band” from “Nightfall of Diamonds”, 1989, was tearing up the ear buds on my iPod. The goddamn, mighty Grateful Dead.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... it was just 31 years and 30 or so days ago, that I was intercepted on my first journey with Uncle ‘Cid by my good and life long friends who would become the Notorious Hooligan Family. I was “taken in” and given the treatment, but good. A platter named “Ace” was placed on the Victorola and that song, “Playin’” came roiling and boiling and gullumphing out of the raggedy speakers in full testosterone drenched, florid, lurid, weird glory. I have never since been the same.

Today, I could barely keep from crying with happiness. It is so good to be free. It is so good to have comfortable boots, nice new boots, to walk with in the snow. If you haven’t been in jail or homeless or a refugee, you probably don’t know how rewarding nice new boots that actually fit are. Well, if you can remember being a little kid and taking a walk in the new snow boots that mom bought you, you might have some clue.

As I’m trying to keep myself from looking like a middle-aged version of one of those orgasmically happy kids in the iPod commercials, and the band steers the tune out of “Playin’” into Catastrophe Orchestra-mode… Whatever. Yuh... this is where I live. This is good, gooey, star-trippin’ strange. Here we go... here we go!!!

A not so passable transvestite is trying to navigate the sidewalk in the new snow on her high heels. She does not remember the value of appropriate shoes. Her high heels are not providing a reliable platform for her 6’3” frame. Her hat is wiggling on her bobbing head, turning her wig askew. It is so good to be free. I wish her a happy thanksgiving.

A moment later, the band lassos the musical confusion into “Uncle John’s Band”. Whoops... I’m about to get all goopey, again. It’s that sound that I knew before I ever heard it. It glows like a perfect new day when every day forward will be new and full of beautiful, fuckin’ freaks all dancing and there is this glorious, beautiful girl a foot off the ground  with me and I am lit up drunk on her perfume and so happy to be positively frightened by the look in her crazy eyes. I am, for a moment that I can barely believe, one and the same as that girl and she knows all of my secrets and she is me and this is just exactly perfect.

Just exactly perfect!


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