Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ball of Confusion…


There was actually a day when all folks danced all over politics, didn't scare each other so much, and a bunch of guys in tuxedos made from the stuff of space suits stomped the terra, sang like angels, and made the kids hopeful and happy.

When I first heard the following tune, there was a guy riding a golf buggy over the dust of the Moon. He even brought a golf club with him. Our world, then as now, was boiling with war, but a bunch of kids and their moms and grandmothers were putting a stop to one particularly gruesome fight. We'd thrown one depressive bum with atom bombs out of the White House, and were on our way to taking out another. We did that, as well. There are times when idiots with atom bombs can be dealt with appropriately, and nobody has to get killed.

Many think that the '60s ended in 1969. Whatever that spirit was that animated the social change of that decade, did not ebb for several years later. In fact, the tide still flows today, tho it is less discernible.

So, here's one of the anthems that we danced to…


The Temptations… Ball of Confusion!

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