Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Back in 1963 a young fellah gave what is likely the finest political speech ever delivered in modern history. It is certainly the best ever recorded in audio and television. Naw… it's just the best. If you were young and weird like me back in '63, you saw him throw down the fire on a sunny day in August, and provoke a crowd of tens of thousands to peacefulness and reasonableness… you saw him stare down a man with atom bombs, sheriff's and their thugs with guns and dogs, and nothing but the facts of the matter to help The People win the day.

Well, almost. The work continues. You should listen to the attached clip of the entire oratorical monument, but there's one little bit that usually goes unquoted. He says, three times I think, "Now is the time!". Whatever the cause for peace and justice at the moment, now is the time. Now is the time. It's a notion never improved and never out of date.

Oh, and the guy was handy with a pool cue and knew a little something about how to gamble in the big time.


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