Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Remix of Earth…


Back in 1977, Earthers launched a pair of robots into the heavens, Voyagers One and Two. Today they are at the very edge of our solar system. One of them created the first family album of our home system, and in that a pale blue dot caught was in a sun beam from a vantage of four billion miles from the ground where its guts were forged.

Attached to the sides of these robots are golden phonograph discs. Yes. There were such things, once. Anyhow, etched onto their surfaces where simple images of our world's place in the home system, images of a man and a woman, the DNA helix, and a little bit of math to help the aliens decode what laid in the grooves below those images. That was an assortment of the sounds of Earth. Babies crying, folks speaking in myriad tongues, and a bunch of music from all over our planet, circa the end of the 20th century.

Reportedly, one or both of these records have been intercepted, and we are now given the gift of a remix from some twelve billion above our heads, or below our feet, depending on your local hour and where you stand, the season, and the tides of gravity bending Space and Time.

Good Weird Aural Fun… "Scrambles of Earth". Just hit the links on the upper right of the screen to receive your messages.


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