Monday, January 31, 2011

Serious Business…


I remember the night of this Grateful Dead gig at RCMH. Couldn't be at the the show, as our own little band had an appointment on this Halloween, 1980. Yeah, well, work must be taken care of. Our little tribe had rent to pay.

Anyhow, this particular tune, "Jack Straw" is of great significance to me. No foolin' around. We do sometimes have to play for keeps. About half a decade before the performance that I've posted, this was the song (recorded on "Europe '72") that played in the background as I had to say so long to my best buddy. Bad craziness and mortal danger spilled into the small frame of my so-called real life. Choices were made. Somebody got to walk out alive. Another did not. These things do happen and now and again do get out of hand.


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