Thursday, February 10, 2011


Something a bit off the charts, but a bit that I needed to share. This came from an blessed interchange with a lady that I have never met, will likely never meet in the flesh, but does pretty well get to my heart. Thus I try to speak to her own and my own heart. Here is my note to her, with a few emendations.


I spent a solid four decades as a stone drunk and true professional able to handle any substance thrown at me, or that I eagerly sought out. All the while, I functioned high and made a good living, living high.

All that came to halt about a decade ago. That had to happen along the path, and I'm actually grateful for that turn. I'm also grateful to notice a few other things.

There are folks more hard up than me. If you are inclined to pray, include Colleen, Sherri, Sonny, Bongo, Free, and my long suffering Mom in those heavenward offers. Hey, throw those offers any and everywhere! I am not a religious sort, but I have noticed that prayer does not hurt anything.

I also lately noticed that things take surprising turns in Human terms. Now and again, we meet a good heart who is a real friend. That is nourishment for the soul, and you know who I'm talking about.

Then there are these strange swirls in the tides in the stream. Nothin' much turns out the way that it seems to tend. I look over my shoulder and see the shadow of a millionaire. I look ahead and can see good reason for despair.

Whatever. I'm about to step into another puddle, maybe a pond, maybe an ocean… but if I make my connection, I know that I'll go toward good friends, and I do know how to swim.

With Love,


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