Monday, February 21, 2011

A Memo to America


Below is a link to a plain spoken, common sense commentary on the situation in Bahrain and elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East. It seems to me, that it is time for my nation to come clean and stand unmistakably for our supposed values as a democracy. No more fooling around. Freedom requires risk; just that simple. Having a convenient base for our navy in the Middle East is no excuse to allow a King to kill and enslave the citizens of Bahrain. Freedom is a necessity, not a convenience. By no means should my nation be sending the money, tear gas, and bullets that enforce the immorality that is now going on.

We once fired our own king. Two centuries later, we fired two depressive lunatics with atom bombs and stopped an unjust, stupid war. Americans know how to do these things. We should show clear support for folks standing up to tyrants. Merely as a practical matter, it is the best way to undercut those that would become the new tyrants.

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  1. for news of folks, including Libyan military fleeing the country. Things are not going to go well for the dictator's family business.