Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Geeky Goodness…


Imagine a humanoid robot that was controlled not by a joy stick, punching keys, or limited to an onboard brain about as clever as a cockroach. Imagine if you could control it by simply moving your own body as you wish the robot to move. Through its mechanics, with its sensors, you could walk through fire to save an orphan, venture into the caldron of an active volcano, or work a mine on an asteroid. You might even chuck your Human form and map your motions into those of a crab to walk the deepest craters of our Luna. You might find it handy to be an Octopus to touch and taste the floor of the oceans of a Jovian moon.

Microsoft may have actually produced its most useful technology in Kinect, and with the help of hackers and roboticists, helped introduce something to Humanity that will be much more influential than their crappy software.


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