Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Lyrical Bunk…


I continue to clear out my digital desk drawers, and I just ran across this bit of drivel that sort of scans and even rhymes. Might make an acceptable lyric in the right musical hands.


Stones, Bones and Roses © Solomon 2006/2011
Stones, bones and roses, ain’t this a treat
a fortune found where arrows meet
Tell me a story, spell me a rhyme
Give me a notion and a moment in time
I’m right here, I am in your eye  
I see how you’re looking at me 
like Nature's very blessed child
I give you gladly myself that you are mine
What’s the difference?
Who’s to tell?
Honey, better come fast
with that sugar pill
Stones, Bones and Roses, ain’t this a hoot 
a treasure found of ancient loot 
Touch my heart softly, do touch my mind
Show a gesture at the right moment  in time
What’s the difference
Who’s to tell
Honey, better come fast
with that sugar pill
Give me some sugar
Give me my fill
I will love you come good or ill
I do love you come good or ill

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