Tuesday, March 15, 2011



An immortal image. Folks alive and aware today will remember the time and place of the present and ongoing tragedy in Japan, an awesome and terrible confluence of Nature's fury and Human muddling. A thousand years in the future, if our species has one, Humans will simply see themselves and their kin in this photo and likely still know too well that desolate wailing frozen for eternity in pixels.

Yes, our species may yet undo itself, or perhaps the Earth and the Universe will simply shrug us off in natural catastrophe. Still, we must keep our eye on the ball, on those things that we can control and shed our stupidity, hatreds and greed, as best we can. There is no situation that Love and Hope will not benefit.

Right now, on the other side of my Home World, brave folks are hurling themselves against a nuclear inferno to protect their own and even Humans they have never met, some a world away. Only Love and Hope permits such courage. We are capable of doing our best against all odds.

If all you can do today is say a prayer for this mother and the departed Spirit and Ghost, the Reikin (霊魂), and Yūrei (幽霊), of her lost child, do so. That can't hurt anything. Spending a moment dwelling in compassion might do us all some good.


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