Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life From Beyond?


"The Journal of Cosmology" is a reliable periodical that documents the many astounding, sometimes mundane, and often difficult to understand discoveries in the physics and chemistry of the place we call home; The Cosmos. We now have very solid evidence that Life is not unique to Earth,. The data and analysis were just recently announced and posted for scientific peer review.

Life may have originated on many worlds now shattered into the meteorites that have fallen on our world over aeons. It may have arisen once near the time of our Universe forming, or many times over almost uncountable years.

The article is sort'a technical and physics heavy, and the chemistry stuff is pretty well beyond myself. But, look at the pix, the charts, and read the captions. Scan the article, and you will get the gist. It appears that Life along the lines we know it is something that The Universe is disposed to do rather often.


Comet P/Borrelly

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