Monday, March 21, 2011

There's Power and Then There's Power…


Does nuke power have to be ugly and dangerous? There is such a tech, Thorium Nuclear Reactors, originally researched in the USA back in the '40s but never adopted as it was not suitable to generating Plutonium for Hydrogen Bombs from spent fuel used in the Peaceful Atom Program. Thorium nuclear tech is now being explored by the Chinese for the purpose of clearing their air of fossil fuel pollution, and powering their booming economy into the future. It also has the benefit of producing far lower amounts of toxic waste that must be sequestered for longer than Humanity has had civilization and perhaps even existed.

Meanwhile, other alternative energy sources including turning the faces of our skyscrapers into power plants, harvesting tides and the warmth of the deep Earth, the breath of the wind, the rain of photons from the Sun remain to be harvested.

Anyway we shake it, here in the West, to cut our addiction to oil, allow the folks in the Middle East and Northern Africa settle their affairs on their own as the big boys they really are (Israel has its own nuclear bombs, and Iran soon will, as well), we have to likely have to embrace everything in our tech quiver to quench our thirst for power.



  1. An addendum…

    TerraPower, a USA company backed by Microsoftie millionaires claims to have a "fail safe" nuke plant. No word on what they'd do with the poisoned waste.

  2. And, here's a link straight to TerraPower…