Monday, April 11, 2011

Across the Universe and In Your Back Yard…

The Universe is a Search Engine ©Solomon 2011
"G-d, for lack of a better word, is that Order implicit and emergent in all possible Universes, in all possible dimensions, within and without Time." ~ Professor Anton Saurian, PhD; Circa 2005CE… My Mentor and Colleague.
The Universe is a search engine. Reality is the database. This is my theory. It is only a theory, but it is my theory and I believe that it is a good theory. The Universe that we inhabit is all about the business of searching every available dimension in Space and across Time in a process of doing Anything possible with the means available. Its’ experiments are only constrained by the laws of physics inherent in Its’ own design.
Oh, and It does not, despite the vastness of Time, waste Time on trivial experiments. So, be nice to yourself, others of a sentient nature as well as this realm that we have been born into.
What is a search engine? Well, most of my readers naturally think of a search engine as tool for finding information on the Internet. That’s fine, but long before Humans came on the scene of this terran drama with our devices and semi-intelligent contraptions, Nature had already built a quite fine search engine.
Do you live by the sea shore or the banks of a river, a creek, a lake? Have you ever noticed the sorting of data, the rocks, pebbles, shells, bits of corpses, dead leafs and sand done by the action of waves lapping upon the earth? Look down at your feet by the edge of that river or shore. You will see fine sand deposited closest to your own toes. Closer to the water, you will see pebbles lying beneath the lost feathers of the Geese just flown south or come home. They will be bobbing on the foam that swirls over heavy stones a meter or so out from shore and below the water’s edge. That is a search engine; no computer required.
Some time prior to the bounty of such detritus surfacing, or not, beneath our Human feet, revealed by the action of wind and the tides generated by the Sun and Moon, a deeper search engine was at work. It cast the guts of every species known to Humankind out of blown up stars and the warp and weave of Space and Gravity playing with Time. Elements were born. Some were heavy and some were not. Some became rocky, silicate orbs falling around a warm mother star, but not falling back into her bosom until sufficient time had passed and some of those elements coagulated and cooperated to birth creatures that might ask such impertinent questions as: “What am  doing here? Is anybody out there with an answer?”
Search engines. Yes, we are, according to my little theory, just part of the scheme. We Humans are just an expression of a Universal Force, something elemental in Nature. We have been put, through no effort of our own, despite our own worst tendencies, in a sweet and sometimes awkward spot… We Are The Eyes of the World.


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