Friday, April 22, 2011

On My Way Back to the Future…

Dear Friends,

I've lately been idling my time between current screenplay and book projects by surfing thru old songs, stories, essays and similar nonsense. I will be getting back to meditating on such things as sentient gas bags flowing in the hypersonic streams of a Jovian atmosphere. First, however, is an old lyric. Reading it again is humbling. I once knew not a whit about how to make a verse scan nor how to keep care of the singer's voice. I did not know much of anything, for that matter.

The following comes from the voice of a young man so jealous that he might've killed another fellah. He did not act on his instinct, but worked what'all out in rhythm and meter. Thank goodness for good friend Johnny, of the Notorious Hooligan Band. Johnny somehow laid this mean spirited junk down as a fine song. Maybe a recording still survives on one of these aging hard drives or some cassette falling to pieces in the basement. I'll look into it.

Res Ipsa Lquitur,


Mad Rolling Crazy ©Solomon 1982

You saw me burning
I was without a shred
of peace nor insight in my mind

I went inside out
without a trace
of Love or Compassion
in my mind

I was mad rollin' crazy
in the eye o' the wind
not anyhow reconciled
all alone, not content

That's the the way it was
Leaving gems and secrets 
on the road to dawn
I was wrong to be so careless

I was mad rollin' crazy, electrified
The change had to come
could not be undone
all the pieces should be one
We are gonna come home

I'm in love
I'm in Love
Mad rollin' crazy
and forever in love

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