Thursday, October 13, 2011

Utterly Pathetic: Occupy America #2

Dear Friends,

Below is a photograph that well illustrates how utterly pathetic things have become on our nation's streets. Here is a man armed with a gun in broad daylight. What is this? Are we back to the days of the wild west? No, this fellow has been hired to defend The Bank of America against its own customers in 21st Century America. He stands proudly on guard before a tide of righteous ire at the financial and business sector. This has not much been seen but for occasional intervals every few decades in times of exceptional distress.

Back during the last depression, bankers contracted armed thugs to protect real estate that housed empty vaults. That made a lot of sense to those financiers. The wealthy continued to take home their fine salaries and bonuses rewarding them for the ruination of the world economy. The common man went hungry, their male children were sent to ride the rails to find work, any work. Their wives sold apples, if any were to be found, on the streets along side their daughters selling pencils for a penny outside the bank on Main Street. That empty bank was worth more than Humanity in the estimation of the Titans of Disaster.

So, here we are today. It's just another day like any other day, lo many years ago. We are being greeted on the streets that we, The People, own. Our gracious host is a jack-booted bullet head goon with a gun.

The most pathetic aspect of this situation is that the poor jerk in the photo is likely making barely a living wage as he is employed to guard safe fortunes for folks that would not have him in their home, wish not to lend a hand to feed nor clothe his babies, and would let his beloved wife die without medical care. We are living in a time of depravity.

Figure out for yourself how you might occupy America. Think for yourself. You will know what to do. All I can recommend is that you not simply take up space, but occupy America.

Res Ipsa Loquoitor,


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