Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nice View from a Fascinating Neighborhood…


Right at this moment, there are six folks making a living by working in outer space. Think about that. Humans can do this stuff. We can also take some meaningful pictures to share with folks still having their feet on the ground. A fellow named Doug Wheelock kept a little scrap book, during his time two-hundred and sixty miles above the Home World. Here are just two shots.


Sunset seen from orbit. Look at the gentle curve of the Earth's horizon. We know how big our world seems to us here, and even from this vantage it looms large. Then look at the thin layer of atmosphere. It is proportionally thinner than the skin of an apple stretched across that fruit… and that is all we got.

Here's a lady named Tracy. She taking a break from work, looking out the window of her office.

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