Monday, January 17, 2011

Uncle Al's Mistake…


Here's an article by a fairly bright guy, a physicist named Brian Green. It's a little technical, but written for the popular audience. Anyhow, it made me remember back to when I was eleven years old. I'd just discovered the Beatles, girls, and a couple of other fascinations that caused me to cause some trouble in the coming years.

But one day, at my Uncle's house, I stumbled upon a biography of Albert Einstein. Nobody else was up in the house, so I started reading. I became wrapt. I devoured that book in one morning. Tho having no sense with math, the way the old man, dead in the year that I was born, described the flexible mesh of Space-Time was simply common sense to me. The fact that he got to his vision by pursuing a question that he'd had since he was six years old… that made sense, as well. I had been furrowing my young brow with such questions for some years, as well.


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